Which is the Way to Nowhere?

A story, written bit by bit.

I’m lost. I haven’t been here before, but the feeling of disorientation is possibly the only thing familiar about this place. That and the knowledge that this is definitely not quite my destination.

Let me tell you what you have missed.

As the conversation between the two hopefuls came to an end, I found myself thinking about the colourful waters of one of the toxic falls. There are juice plants nearby with fruit you can pick for sustenance. They don’t taste great, but they work.

I changed my route.

So there I was, picking fruit and milling about. But I still can’t quit that dream of the waterfall. I don’t just want to be at a waterfall with good, pure water. I want my own waterfall, and I want the water of my own waterfall to be so good that channel builders and cup makers alike flock to me, and I want the best of them to re-route water from my fall to dry areas that could use some water.

Then I’d never have to worry about whether there is enough water anywhere. I could go anywhere, and that fear would never stop me. No searching for water. No worrying about whether someone will take your hard earned juice because they have no water.

People in the future would wonder why it didn’t happen sooner.

The way things are now really sucks. Most people deserve better than what they get.

So now I’m stuck again. I can look at my map all I want, but the destination I seek doesn’t exist on it yet. It won’t exist if all I do is stay here picking fruit, but how do you choose which direction to go when you can’t see the way?


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