The Journey

Ah. I have had a wonderfully exciting idea.

I was once known to be quite the little trickster. Of course, before that I was thought to be completely benign, despite numerous  instances of mischief and mayhem. When my youngest sister Yvette discovered the drying magic of the airing cupboard as a very small child, I secretly helped her to discover that sometimes, those little wet balls of tissue paper would come out not only hard and dry, but reshaped and coloured in with pretty colours and glitter!

The magic of the airing cupboard fairies had been discovered.

Fast forward  around a decade, and I am a Computer Games Design student, waiting in the kitchen of a small university campus flat, surrounded by tiny, slightly hidden slivers of paper. Each one contained a clue, directing one of my flatmates to another clue, culminating in a final notice that we had hidden his giant French Fancy cake.

It didn’t quite worked out the way we had hoped. The first thing he noticed was that the French Fancy was missing, but that did not stop us from allowing him to try finding it via the scattered clues. If anything, the fact that the clues led to information that he already knew only made the entire situation more entertaining for me.

Now, less than half a decade on, I am planning a quest of epic proportions.

I intend to make an incredibly fine piece of jewellery, made far more luxurious than I would ever dare to wear myself. Never to be made again, it would be the only one of its kind. But how to decide who to grant ownership of such an exclusive item to? I could simply give it a price that reflects its high value to narrow down the selection – but that would not be very entertaining.

And this is where the mischief comes in. Those who wish to own the piece must take part in a quest, and will be given instructions sending them all over the world – occasionally in order to gather clues to the next destination. They must go to these places personally, and make sure they obtain evidence that they were indeed there – perhaps by video evidence, uploaded to a personal blog dedicated to the journey.

There are no restrictions on who can take part, but only the first to complete the quest in its entirety and fulfil all conditions created by the master of the great game will be able to claim the grand prize.

It will be some time before the game has been completely designed. You may wish to keep tabs on this story to see how things unfold.


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