News: Neon Neon

I went to an interesting thing last night. It was like a cross between a theatre performance and a gig, and it took place outside and inside a warehouse. There were balloons and strange money notes and a naked person being painted and typewriters and books and music and giant desks and filing cabinets with people coming out of them, all part of a story involving a book publisher getting a little bit revolutionary with Che.

I had been called in to do a little bit of bonus footage for LightTrap – my task was to run around in the audience with a Go Pro on a stick and film the kind of shots you might expect from an audience member with mobile phone, which was great since all I really had to do was make sure the camera was recording and pointing at action. They had considered asking an actual random audience member, but eventually decided to call the totally trustworthy me a few hours before to ask if I would do it. I’m glad they did. It was fun.


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